I grew up futzing around with computers and code in the 70’s & 80’s and had been dabbling in building basic websites for a few years when I bought this domain on February 12, 2000. We’d survived Y2K, I could already see the value in squatting on vanity URL’s, and was finding my voice in a few interesting ways.

I kept a blog until around 2009 writing longhand in notepad and FTPing it up, managing my own server installs, hosting, backups. Keeping my images and files organized with logical naming conventions. The rhythm and patterns were comforting. The click of the keys, the predicable upload time, the toying with code in prod…it was therapeutic and calming because it was mine.

I watched as we were introduced to the likes of Blogger and Typepad; hell, I had a designer build a custom theme for me on Blogger…it’s what some of you old-timers will remember about me.

Years of posts that were written on my back deck in The Highlands after a run, over a cup of coffee, sipping a drink. The blog saw me through divorce, getting “lost” on Cumberland Island, recounting having been trapped in London and finding myself again. Adventures chronicled, and now archived.

That’s not what I need these days, but it seems a shame not to hold onto my little corner of the internet.

It’s a well loved paperweight.